Yvonne Loubiere headshot

Talent Manager

Yvonne Loubiere
Yvonne Loubiere has spent 30 years in international staffing & recruitment including ownership of her own employment agency for 7 years. Prior to owning her own firm, Yvonne worked for two premiere employment agencies in Connecticut and NYC.

Yvonne attended the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC and her first job out of college was designing for Faberge in NYC.

Yvonne loves using her creative mind to help clients think “outside the box” to identify superior talent for their growing firms. Her passion is to help people showcase their skills and match them with the corporate needs for lasting working relationships.

Yvonne loves to give back to the community and has won multiple awards for her volunteer work at Yerwood Center, an afterschool program for children. When Yvonne’s not working with people in the office; she loves selling a collection of private wines, is a french cook who will prepare dinner at your home, and loves to ski, parasail, and skydive! Yvonne loves the outdoors and has a passion for gardening, flowers, and bees! She is also an International traveler and fluent in French. Her most favorite thing to do is mentoring and role-playing with young adults in high school to help them build their resumes and find Summer employment.