About Us

TalentKeep was formed to help customers navigate the overwhelming process of finding opportunities and hiring top talent. Focused and armed with a commitment to deliver straight forward, honest, fast and efficient staffing services.

Leslie McIntyre-Tavella spent 32 years as a staffing veteran having founded, run, and sold one of the most successful staffing firms in the Northeast. After spending two years speaking with C level executives, finishing up a book, and talking with high quality job seekers in the marketplace, she found that firms are struggling more than ever with talent acquisition and retention. Additionally, many talented job seekers aren’t getting the attention nor opportunities they should due to bottlenecks and shortages in Human Resources Departments.

The confusion of receiving and sorting through over 400 resumes per open position, coupled with the time constraints put on Human Resource teams today are allowing high quality potential job seekers to go unnoticed and unhired. Positions are going unfilled and productivity at firms is interrupted; potentially costing you revenue and lost customers. Layers of process & paperwork coupled with on-boarding issues, and the overwhelming confusion of site choices are preventing firms from getting what they need.



Leslie McIntyre-Tavella

In today’s business climate, you need experts in staffing; people who have spent years in the business; armed with strong customer relationships who can offer sound career advice. Let us help you find your dream job.

Our Leadership Team

We aren’t headhunters, and there is no one at our firm who acts alone. We are a collaborative group of Talent Experts with only your best interests in mind. Here are the core values that we live by:
  • Lead with Heart
  • Hustle Relentlessly
  • Embrace Change
  • Value Ideas & Opinions
  • Deliver What’s Promised
  • Obsess Over Customers
  • Be Courageous & Trustworthy
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Talent Manager

Yvonne Loubiere
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Managing Director

Michael Tortora